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PROMOTRAVEL was born in 2012 from the initiative and enthusiasm of a team which has worked within the tourism industry since 1976. The organization also has previous leadership experience in product and commercial fields as well as with several leading tour operators of the Italian market.

Through experience gained working with major Italian tour operators, the administrative tier of PROMOTRAVEL has developed expertise in the coordination and management of sales networks and stores nation wide also specializing in both the dispersion and delivery of tourism products abroad and in negotiation with airlines.


Over time, the PROMOTRAVEL team has achieved a long and successful track record in the distribution market this includes the ownership and direct management of important travel agencies in the center of Milan and expertise in issues pertaining to the management of travel agencies or travel agency networks.

staff3PROMOTRAVEL has been developed for the Italian tourism industry and international companies interested in having their own representation in Italy. PROMOTRAVEL is the answer for an organization searching for an efficient and organized commercial structure rooted in the community concentrating on the development of or initial steps to establish its presence in the Italian market and in b2b sector as well as on the consumer end.

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